How to layer for a Parisian winter ft. blazers, leopard and primary colours





DSC07700 DSC07711




DSC07724 DSC07699Day two of a Parisian winter and I am reppin two blazers. Why, you may ask? Temperatures hovering just above zero throughout the whole day, THAT is why. What a glorious reason. WHAT a time to be alive. (*I’m still alive but barely breathing* plays throughout my head for the entire day as my teeth chatter and I breathe out sad, grey speech bubbles that disappear into the Parisian winter air.

Two shirts, a jumper, two blazers were barely enough to keep me warm, but these staple pieces that I brought would prove a lifesaver. A pop of denim is always necessary, especially if it’s high collared. And a few splashes of the rainbow will always brighten up an outfit (insert yellow blazer underneath the navy blazer). I’m a sucker for some good print, and my leopard print jeans will always hold a special place in my frosty heart, as it was worn plenty during my Europe trip.

Stay tuned for more style, travel and food posts from all ’round the globe 🙂

AU REVOIR for now… xoxo



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