Brooklyn Blues and Summer Vibes in NYC

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Brooklyn Bridge walk, Bryant Park, Lower East Side, Manhanttanhenge (but masked by clouds… just an average sunset ….) and views from my room.

Summer feels all round, all day everyday, sweltering and simmering then splattered with tears from the sky….. kind of loving it kind of hating it, not even sure what feels I’m feeling, do feels even feel, like what are we meant to feel when feels are not sure of themselves, are feels projections of our soul??/ what if we have multiple souls, that’s highly likely because I have such ambiguous, ambivalent but also such intense feels all the time, kinda like a feels battlefield, oo that’s a good title seriously though “A Feels Battlefield”- battling your daily emotions one feel at a time. Kinda catchy, 100% makes sense if you were inside my head, which 100% of you aren’t soooooooo you probably think I’m a crazy person wellllllllllll technically I am/could be/have the potential to be because I am dangerously fcked up, but like in the most subtle and nuanced way so I’m a poetic typed of fkced up ya know what I mean because I do and it’s blazing up in here, well anyways so back to the feels, I really do think we have multiple feels belonging to each different facet of us simultaneously, so that must mean we have multiple souls and personalities within us………….yes. I believe in that concept. who’s with me. cos sometimes my revelling in my solitude is great and all but I do want some confirmation and validation of these thoughts floatin round sometimes HASHTAG THIS WHOLE POST IS JUST RANTINGS AND STRUGGLES OF AN INTROVERTTTTTTTT #introvertlife ugghhhhh but also an ambivert in certain external circumstances, but internally an introvert eternally.



sorry, a feels battlefield. I could go on and on ok maybe I will buahahah  #sane #notcrazy #butcrazy


anyways, so this is why I shouldn’t have caffeine in my system, apparently it kills creativity?? coffee, the creativity killer……hmmmm has a ring to it but also super depressing because the struggle in choosing to be awake or to be alive……..ha



yep. i love juxtapositions, irony and everything in between.

Think i found my new tagline. My brain is amazing sometimes.



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