Back back to Cali!


Current tune:  Out of the Woods-Taylor Swift

“You took a Polaroid of us, then discovered the rest of the world was black and white, but we were in screaming color”

*and then a thousand teen Tumblrs just exploded from the overdose of that quote pasted against a black and white melancholy graphic to express -angst/nostalgia/teen luv- lol.

IDK, I’m just vibing this song really hard right now……also just recorded an acoustic cover of it #thatswhenyouknowitsreal. Should I post the Soundcloud link orrrrrr nah? Hmm anyways.

So these are my #ootd’s for my California trip back in November for Thanksgiving break, and I have indefinitely but also 100% decided that I’m moving to LA in the near future……’s like Sydney on steroids in terms of beach vibes and grids of homely suburbia while having an accessible chill that is most likely due to the stoners and hippies of Venice beach but that’s all good.

“when the sun came up I was lookin at you…

I walked out I said I’m setting you free…

when the sun came up you were lookin at me”

Pure lyrical bliss, balance and harmony T-Swizzle, well done.


Peace xoxo



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